Professional contexts – evaluation

May 21, 2009

Overall I have greatly benefited from professional contexts. I feel that it has made me think about parts of the course, which I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. I think that by evaluating my own work, I have appreciated what I have done more.

It has also helped me recap on some of the lectures I have been to. Although they seemed very casual when I was in them, I think I will remember them for many years to come.

I also see it as a little time capsule from my time at university. I can see myself looking back at this at a later date. Hopefully it will bring back memories from the things I have learnt, and will benefit me in later life!


Professional context – corsham court

May 21, 2009

I have now added another section to the website. The ‘corsham court’ section.


Professional context – final design

May 21, 2009

After speaking with a tutor about the design, he made me realize that a lot of it was over stated. The fonts were far to big, and everything felt as if it were making too much of an impression.

I originally thought that the white lines between the colours nicely divided the segments, however I found that when they were touching, the colours themselves divide the information.

I also made the title fonts much smaller and took bold off. This I found made them look less intense, and yet still did the job of standing out. The black lines beneath the colours were also taken out, as they was not needed.

I shortened the row length, of the text, so to make the writing seem more readable.

I also introduced the scrollers on the right, so to navigate though the text.

Going along with the minimal theme, I also used a very simple, yet effective cursor.

Picture 6

professional contexts – secondary designs

May 21, 2009

I then spent a great deal of time choosing what curser to use. I found it hard to find something that would be easy to use, and fitted in with the rest of the background. I found that when I made it slightly transparent, it blended better with the colours.

I then tried the idea of a pen like curser.

Picture 61

Professional contexts – first design

May 21, 2009

I then came to the realization that indexing purley on experiences would be hard. I would be confusing to read and to navigate through. I had a few chunks of information, such as ‘what I like’, ‘what I don’t like’, ‘what im good at’, ‘what makes money’, ‘where’s the happy compromise’. However I found that some chunks were more content heavy than others. This I found awkward to display.

I then decided that it was best to organizes the information into what I did. Such as ‘lectures’, ‘work experience’, ‘portfolio’, and within these sections, there would two titles. The first title would be an explanation of what I learn from this experience, the second what I did to obtain this experience.

I then came up with this design.

Picture 60
I chose the rainbow to section off the different segments. I thought that it was a nice metaphor  to represent the different spectrums of learning.

I found that by having a slider at the top to select the information have it a very fluid feel. It also meant that the information could be displayed within a contained environment. This adds to consistency.

A second slider would appear on the lectures section, as this made it easier to navigate through.

Professional contexts – starting ideas

May 21, 2009

For the professional contextual dossier project, I wanted some way of easily cycling through the work. However at the same time, I wanted to find a way to dividing the work up. I wanted to show a systematic progression, or spectrum of order.

Firstly I considered doing a print based dossier. I liked the idea of colour coding the information. Each spectrum of colour representing the experience I had.

I also wanted to ask some kind of question, which will eventually be answered at the end. As if to ask myself ‘what have I done for the past few years, and what have I learnt from it’.

I was also interested in indexing the information by non-traditional means. Rather than indexing what I did, I would index what I learnt. To me this made sense, as it’s not what I did that mattered, but what I learnt.

I played around with many ideas, and then found that the best way to present the information would be via an interactive piece. I feel that by being screen based, it would give the project a more fluid feel.

progression – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Although I feel this project has slightly lacked focus, I feel that I hat come together at the end. I have greatly enjoyed looking into something and producing something from it. I feel that it has helped me realize where I get my inspiration. Often I find ideas just come out of my head, however with this project I can see that by being interested in something, leads to creating something.

This makes me realize the importance of involving your self with a project. You should always try and work with something your passionate about, and in doing so, the outcome is of a greater importance.

Corsham Court – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Although this project is still on going, I feel that it has hit a big milestone. The main design is set. Only more content has to be added.

Over all I feel happy with the design, I feel that it is simple and effective. I feel that it is easy to use, and will appeal to a large audience. The new colours and pictures are a great improvement from the original, as the originals were far too stuffy, and did not give the right impression.

I also feel that I gained a great experience working with the client and the other two photographers. I found it took me out of the uni experience and brought me into a new element. It was a nice taster of life as a web designer. This I found very refreshing, and learnt a great deal from!

Prevoke Change – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Over all I would say this project has been a success. I wanted to show people, in a non-intrusive way, that the climate is changing. I feel that I have subtly done this. I hope that the imagery lures people into the image, and then hopefully, the view starts the question the meaning of the pieces.

I also feel that I have had a lot of fun creating this imagery. I have also used relatively little technology for this project. Although I have used Photoshop, I only used the rubber and stamp tool. By using basic tools I feel that I have not been bogged down by the complexities of technology, and because of this I feel I have concentrated harder on the simple aesthetics of the pieces of work.

keep listeing – new idea

May 1, 2009

I then showed this work to a tutor. He felt that it would be much better if the background imagery had more purpose than to just be background imagery.

At first i just wanted the background to be nice imagery which could surround the content. However as pointed out by tutour this imagery would be nice at first, however after using the site for a while, the imagery would just distract the user from the usability of the content.

At first i simply wanted to create this website in html/css as i need more css websites for my portfolio. However after this meeting i then realized that my project would be much more interesting and more flexible if i were to create it in flash.

I still like the idea of having a box in the middle in which i can place content, however, the outside illustrations will be used as the buttons to control the content within the box. I feel this will involve the user more with the interface, as well as enable a nice look to the whole site.

I also think that if i create various animations which the user can activate, it will make the site more fun.

An example of this is this site. Although the content isn’t really driven by the little animations, it is still great fun just playing with all the various characters within it.
I also found this site… I think that this site is great in that it takes you on a little journey. It also feels very personal, as you use the designers hand to direct pieces of work. i also love the music, and how you can change it.

However i almost feel that the interface overtakes and the work almost becomes irrelevant. This i think is a great website, however it is alittle to over powering.
I feel that i now have to go and create various illustrations and animations which represent the CONENT of my work. this will then be pieced together to make the site.