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August 12, 2011

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progression – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Although I feel this project has slightly lacked focus, I feel that I hat come together at the end. I have greatly enjoyed looking into something and producing something from it. I feel that it has helped me realize where I get my inspiration. Often I find ideas just come out of my head, however with this project I can see that by being interested in something, leads to creating something.

This makes me realize the importance of involving your self with a project. You should always try and work with something your passionate about, and in doing so, the outcome is of a greater importance.

Progression – final piece

April 16, 2009

Looking back at this project, it seems like I have done many little projects. However I finish with this piece. It is about the progression of deconstructing a physical object and reconstructing it into a piece of work. I have taken apart a particular object, and then drawn that object from the dismantled pieces, mainly taking inspiration from the objects circuitry. This object, if you have not guessed already, is a camera.

I played on the idea that it looks retro, however is made from technology.


Progression – reusing shapes

April 16, 2009

For this piece of work I wanted to concentrate on the use of shapes and how they can be reused within a piece of work.

Firstly I created this object.

I then added other shapes to this shape. I also used the original shape to fill in other shapes. Therefore the image is repeating, within itself, creating this.


I then added the checks. This inspiration is taken from circuit board patterns.


I then turned this into another processor like shape, however I did not like this.


After realizing I did not like the previous piece of work, I then started looking at the original piece. Once again I saw shapes within the original piece. I then cut out various negative shapes from the original piece.


I then built this object up more, with the original shapes.


Finally I repeat this shape to create the final piece. I have made this piece ambiguously float at the top of a portrait page, so to give the impression of a head. I don’t quite know why I did this, however I liked how it looked like an owl.

I feel that by reusing an image over and over, produces a very interesting out come. If you follow the image from the start to the end, it reveals quite an interesting visual journey. I feel that this journey has been made much easier due to the use of technology, and its ability to copy and paste so easily.


Progression – restriction

April 16, 2009

From the experiences of creating my last pieces of work, I created this piece. I wanted to place dots on the page, then connect every dot with a wire. By connecting every dot with a wire, would restrict me. In doing so, I would hopefully create something visually interesting. The reason why I thought this is because circuit board patterns are made from the connection of two things. The pattern is made as a byproduct of the efficient layout of the circuits.

However, I found this to be rather boring and I could not see a progression in my work from creating it. I preferred the idea of creating something, and using its negative shapes to create something else.

However, I did make this shape, which I findd quite eye catching.


Progression – finding images within an image

April 16, 2009

I was please with my last image. However I found it to be perhaps too realistic. Once looking at it for a long period of time I started to see images within it. I then took these images I found in the processor drawing, and made them into another drawing. The first thing I made was a pattern, however I do not think this was successful, as it is far for harsh to look at.


I was not too happy with this pattern, however i did find some interesting ambiguouse shapes.


I then found this shape, which I was very keen on. I thought that it looked like a robots head.


This I found to be a particularly song shape. I then thought it would be funny to give him a body. So I did!


Progression – half abstract half realistic

April 16, 2009

I was happy with the imagery from the last image I made. However with this piece I thought I that I would make it half abstract, and half realistic. I have chosen to look at the processor section of the motherboard, for inspiration. This section you can see below.


From this inspiration I created this.


I then used this to create this. The shapes made by the circles gives the impression of a processor. I also took out colour, as i found it distracting.


From this I then created a slight variation.


Progression – shapes 2

April 16, 2009

I then produced this piece of work. I took a shape from a circuit board, drew it, and then repeatedly used to make this image. It is a simple abstract of a circuit board.


I became obsessed with this simple shape. Making many variations of it.


I then began to make patters from this shape.


This was great fun to make! However I did not really see a meaning coming out of it. However this did not put me off playing with imagery, because I knew, that at some point, meaning will appear from the imagery.

Progression – shapes

April 16, 2009

Although I found it fun looking for recognizable shapes within the circuit boards, I did not feel that it was going anywhere. Instead I started getting inspiration from the lines and patterns within. I then stared drawing abstract shapes inspired by these patterns.wirea


Progression – getting insparation

April 16, 2009

This then lead me onto the visual pattern produced by the circuit board. How these circuits are design to be as efficient as possible, yet at the same time, they produce such beautiful patterns.

I then took a part one of my old computers and collected as many circuit boards as possible. I then started scanning and taking photos of the circuit boards. I see this as my primary research. I am collecting material from which I get inspiration.

Below is an example of my insparation.


I then started looking into the patterns produced. Firstly I started to draw the circuit boards as they were. This I found produced some really bad work! As seen below.


Seeming this did not work I started singling out parts of the circuit board. This I found interesting, because once singled out, it became more of a pattern than a circuit board.


From this I then started seeing shapes. Shapes completely unrelated to the nature of the circuit board. An example of this being the giraffe like shape shown below.


Also I found these circuit points to look like little crowds of people.