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August 12, 2011

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Prevoke Change – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Over all I would say this project has been a success. I wanted to show people, in a non-intrusive way, that the climate is changing. I feel that I have subtly done this. I hope that the imagery lures people into the image, and then hopefully, the view starts the question the meaning of the pieces.

I also feel that I have had a lot of fun creating this imagery. I have also used relatively little technology for this project. Although I have used Photoshop, I only used the rubber and stamp tool. By using basic tools I feel that I have not been bogged down by the complexities of technology, and because of this I feel I have concentrated harder on the simple aesthetics of the pieces of work.

Prevoke Change – Final IDEA!!

April 10, 2009

I then found something that worked well. I really like the idea of questioning the viewer, however does not invade the view too much. I did not want to overcrowd the viewer with loads of facts that will board them to death, i wanted something very simple. Something that woud be visually appealing. I wanted something to catch someones eye, and once caught i want them to question what the piece is about.

Firstly i came i up with this.


I found that when creating this pice of work i was restriced by the viens of the leaves. If they did not line up, they looked wrong. However i found that this restriction, in the end, helped with the creative process.

The idea of this peice was to show that its march in autum. It is asking the quesiton “autum be in spring?”.

I then spent ages, and created the uk in autum.


I then combined to two pictures together to make the ultimate, global warming awareness poster.


Prevoke Change – Seasons and time

April 10, 2009

I then started thinking about global warming and how it is changing our environment. It almost feels as if the climate is confused. How the seasons are changing, which in turn alters nature. An example of this is that the whether is gets hotter in curtain parts of the world, which encourages wildlife  to migrate. However once the animals have migrated, they are dissapointed to find that thier traditional feeding growns have not devoloped yet. This in turn causes a great amount of problems, altimately leading to death.

I wanted to get some kind of message accros about  the state of the seasons, and how they are changing.

Firstly i developed this

leaf circles

I then added some numbers, to make it look more like a clock. However i found that once i did this i instantly didnt like it. I found that anything with twelve points instantly looked like a clock, so no numbers were needed.


However i soon found this very crude, and created a more colour full version.

clock 2 togethersmall

Prevoke Change – morphing

April 10, 2009

I carried on playing with  new ideas and started using the scanned leaves. I found it very interesting using these leaves as imagery to play around with.

tree of leaves

i found that by morphing two leaves togther looks good yet kinda wierd at the same time. similar to the radio active leaves.

tree of leaves2

I then progressed and started morphing different types of leaves together, all of different colours and sizes.


I then took this morphing to the extreem and addded many types of leaves together.

I was having great fun with this! Although i did not have an idea to support it, i felt that in the back of my head there was something building up.

tree of leaves 4

Prevoke Change – back to secondary

April 10, 2009

I then went back to some secondary research. I started researching different facts about trees. Ways in which they help the environment. Below are and example of some of them.

“A tree, over a 50-year period, will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, and recycle $37,500 worth of water.”

“One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. -U.S. Department of Agriculture”

“A tree can grow to manufacture five pounds of pure oxygen per day, consume carbon dioxide to fight the “greenhouse effect” that threatens our survival, and provide the cooling equivalent of ten room-size air conditioning units.”

I then started thinking of ways to incorporate this information in an interesting way. This i found hard, and as usual, my work started turning into reals of facts that no one really wants to read.

In responce to this, i started playing around with the images from the scanned leaves and came up with this.

hollow leaf

although i made this piece from just playing around, i think in the back of my head i had some kind of meaning developing.

Prevoke Change – primary research

April 10, 2009

at the time i started primary reseach the leaves started turning brown. Some leaves were still green, some brown, some half way between. This mixure of colour fasinated me.

I was then curiouse what it would be like to scan a leaf, to see what it would look like.


Prevoke Change – searching for ideas based about environmental issues

April 10, 2009

Ok, so i now have a topic to discover. N0w i start to think about ideas and visual outcomes.

One thing that has always fascinated me is the trees which grew malformed due to radiation. The idea that even years later, the DNA of these trees were still distorting, creating these odd and wrong looking life forms.

effects of radiation on leaf

effects of radiation on leaf

Seeing the effects of these plants really amazed me, yet disturbed me. To think that a rivalry between nations can cause such a devistating effect on nature.

Prevoke change – start of 3rd year, first project, what to do!?

April 10, 2009

When i started the third year, i was quite dawnted seeming it was my last year. I was really worried that a lot was expected of me, and because of that i was really worried that i would have NO idea what to do for a first project.

Although i like to work with websites, i thought i would start off the 3rd year with an image making project. I felt the need to create something illistration, or photography based.

I love design, however with image making i find that i can just cruze my way though it, without to much thought. I find that it is a pure creative outlet. I knew that if i started the term this way, i would be able to just start working, and stop worrying.

My first question is “what do i want to do, what interest me, what do i want to prevoke?”. If i had to lecture about anything, it would almost always be somthing based around nature, and the envrionmental issues we have.

So now i have a rough idea of what i want to do! I want to look into environmental issues!

Prevoke Change – start

April 10, 2009

I would firstly like to say that i am back tracking my work. I do however remember quite clearly my original intentions and ideas