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New Website

August 12, 2011

I am currently not using this blog any more

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Corsham Court – evaluation

May 20, 2009

Although this project is still on going, I feel that it has hit a big milestone. The main design is set. Only more content has to be added.

Over all I feel happy with the design, I feel that it is simple and effective. I feel that it is easy to use, and will appeal to a large audience. The new colours and pictures are a great improvement from the original, as the originals were far too stuffy, and did not give the right impression.

I also feel that I gained a great experience working with the client and the other two photographers. I found it took me out of the uni experience and brought me into a new element. It was a nice taster of life as a web designer. This I found very refreshing, and learnt a great deal from!

Corsham Court – Flash main pic

April 14, 2009

I have now added (although not live) a new flash movie. This will replace the standard picture. However i still need to find out a way to have a backup photo incase the user does not have flash. I think you can just set the background image of the div to an image, then place swf in div?

anyways, here are some screen shots of what it will look like, when live.


Corsham Court – New Design

April 14, 2009

After a discussion with Ron George, we came to the conclusion that brown was not right for the website. It all seemed a bit too gloomy. I was then told that it was probably best if we kept to the same colours as the main bath spa website.

Therefore a new photo was chosen for the background and the top bar was changed to blue. Also the page has been tinted silver rather than brown, to give a more modern look.


Also there has been several sub tabs added to the contact info, each with a different persons details. Also there is a separate tab for directions. When a tab is selected it overlaps the others, it also goes a tone lighter.



The history has also been added. However non of this has gone live yet!


Corsham Court – building site 2

April 14, 2009

Now it is time to introduce the a few of the tabs. This time it also has the contact info. This has the contact information of Julie Neale, the administartor.

It also has directions below. This includes bus, train and card routs from various locations.


Corsham Court – Building the site!

April 14, 2009

I then came to creating the website. Originally i was working in photoshop alone, just so that i could get a rough idea of what i was creating. There were some problems on the way. I had to take most of the drop shadows out because i had only just found out that ei6 does not support alpha channels! Bit annoying, however i feel that it has turned out ok.

First i created a simple home page without any tabs. I had to create this in a very short time as there was a press release, and there needed to be some sort of website up and going by then.

This first site simply had a brief description of what corsham court centre was about. It also also contact details. It also had an image gallery.


Corsham Court – Design 3

April 14, 2009

We then decided that the background was not appropriate. So i added a photo which was taken by one of the photographers.

It was meant to represent the growth of the centre. On the right is a tree growing, and in the distance on the left is a group of trees already grown. This is meant to represent the connection between the roots of the bath academy and the rebirth of corsham court and bath spa.


Corsham Court – Design 2

April 14, 2009

I then decided that this picture book idea was not so good. I also found that by creating these ‘pictures’, it made the text look very strange as it was randomly floating.

I decided to then create some new boxes from which to hold images and information. I found that these worked better, and added a more modern twist to the traditional background.

I have also added a mimic page, so that the writing can be more solidly displayed.


Corsham Court – Design

April 14, 2009

I now had to consider the design of the website. I wanted the website to be arty and painterly. I wanted to represent the tradition on the bath academy of art.

I looked at artist that had been working at the bath academy. I wanted the website to have the flavor of academy.

Below is an example of Peter Layon’s work.


This inspired me to create work with a textural feel, such as this.

However i soon found out that this was not such a good idea. by creating this harsh border it would completely distract the viewer from the content. Also to navigate through something like that would be a nightmare.

I then came up with this idea.

I then discussed with the other people in the team what i should be doing. I then came up with this idea.


It was meant to represent the traditional aspect. The content within (such as photos) would then show the contemporary side of corsham.

I used inner glows to soften the page, to give an aging affect. I displayed various information as if they were within a picture. This gave the impression that the user was looking through a picture book, looking back in time. I also put the main tabs on the left. When a main section is selected it expands to be bigger than the rest, also a line appears on the big tab.

Corsham Court – managing content

April 14, 2009

I now had the task of structuring this data and coming up with some way of displaying this information. I had the idea that I would have some main tabs, and then sub tabs within. Below are the main tabs, and there sub tabs.

1.    Home – homepage
2.    Centre Info – 1 Professional Development, 2 post graduate and research centre, 3 Research studios, 4 Partnerships
3.    History – background information about corsham court and the relationship with bath academy/ bath spa
4.    Image gallery – photos of exterior and interior. Interior being studio space, library etc
5.    Contact info – information of how to get there via car, bus, train. Also phone numbers of important people.