Professional contexts – starting ideas

For the professional contextual dossier project, I wanted some way of easily cycling through the work. However at the same time, I wanted to find a way to dividing the work up. I wanted to show a systematic progression, or spectrum of order.

Firstly I considered doing a print based dossier. I liked the idea of colour coding the information. Each spectrum of colour representing the experience I had.

I also wanted to ask some kind of question, which will eventually be answered at the end. As if to ask myself ‘what have I done for the past few years, and what have I learnt from it’.

I was also interested in indexing the information by non-traditional means. Rather than indexing what I did, I would index what I learnt. To me this made sense, as it’s not what I did that mattered, but what I learnt.

I played around with many ideas, and then found that the best way to present the information would be via an interactive piece. I feel that by being screen based, it would give the project a more fluid feel.

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