Professional contexts – first design

I then came to the realization that indexing purley on experiences would be hard. I would be confusing to read and to navigate through. I had a few chunks of information, such as ‘what I like’, ‘what I don’t like’, ‘what im good at’, ‘what makes money’, ‘where’s the happy compromise’. However I found that some chunks were more content heavy than others. This I found awkward to display.

I then decided that it was best to organizes the information into what I did. Such as ‘lectures’, ‘work experience’, ‘portfolio’, and within these sections, there would two titles. The first title would be an explanation of what I learn from this experience, the second what I did to obtain this experience.

I then came up with this design.

Picture 60
I chose the rainbow to section off the different segments. I thought that it was a nice metaphor  to represent the different spectrums of learning.

I found that by having a slider at the top to select the information have it a very fluid feel. It also meant that the information could be displayed within a contained environment. This adds to consistency.

A second slider would appear on the lectures section, as this made it easier to navigate through.

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