keep listening – hearing test

Next to create was the hearing test. I first stared off with this idea.

I liked it how the person from the main page is involved with the test. I feel that by reusing the character, it links the hearing test with the home page, therefore giving the site a greater sense of place.

However visually it looks rank!

Picture 6
I then created this. I liked it how there was a nice control station. I feel this nicely surrounded the person giving the feeling that both the character and the user were part of the test. However I couldn’t figure out how to make the output of the test in the same perspective as the rest of the picture. Therefore there is a very strange perspective. Also it looks very bland.

Picture 8
Lastly I created this. This I found much more visually pleasing, and also fitted in nicely with the design of the whole website.

Picture 47
Also when you fail the test, these earplugs appear, which links you to the ‘how to protect your ears’ section of the site.

Picture 19
I have also added instructions so that the user can understand the project better. Also I added ‘active’ and ‘start’ animations so that the user is more aware of when the test is in progress.

I have also restricted the use of the keys, therefore the user is less likely to screw up the test.

Picture 21


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