Keep listening – looks

i am now considering the theme of the project. i am looking for ways in which to bring the content together with a visually consistent theme.

I am thinking that it would be nice to produce some imagery based around the speaker.

i was looking around the net and found these site. I found it very inspiring how the box of the speaker can be used so intuitivly.

Interesting site

in particular i found this very interesting. The idea that the music is coming out of the persona head. i also like it because it looks quite brutal, in that the face is replaced with a speaker!


once again i find this interesting because it combines the person with the music.


once again more human like speakers. what i like about this one is that the people look almost in fear. i have no idea why they have designed them like this, however for me i find it interesting, because it could be connected with the loss of hearing.


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