keep listening – fresh look

i then started another, and looked at my work with fresh eyes!

I then realized that although i was obsessed with creating some kind of logo, i feel that it is much more important to look at the website as a whole.

i then started thinking of the website as a container, in which to present the content. So i started looking for inspiration.
I liked this site due to its textual qualities. the ability to show an image thought the website as well as clearly showing information over the top.

i also liked this website due to its very simple design.

Although the overall look of this website aint too great, i really like it how they have a banner on the left with simple information. i like the idea of this, in that i could put an illustration that runs though out the website.

on the same lines, i like this website for the same reason. i like it how the information is floating the right, and when you expand the window more of the photo is revealed….. however, i do think it very much distracts away from the content, therefor i will not use this idea.

I like this website because it has many different sections to it. when you scroll down it goes those different background pictures. I find this interesting, because its almost as if there is a journey,  just within one page.

I dont like this page because it feel that it continues upwards, but it doesn’t!

I really like this page, because when you change the size of the browser window, the background images move… i dont know if this is intentional, but i like the idea that images can be flexible.

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