keep listening – first drawings and ideas

i am liking the idea that the sound is coming out of someone’s head, however im not really sure where its going. Im trying to figure out if its good thing that sound is coming out of someone’s head, or if its bad.

I want to create come kind of imagery that enforces that the sound is distorted (reflecting ear damage). Or some imagery implying that clear sound is down to looking after your hearing.

so far i have created these images. I am creating them in the hope that i will find something that i can use as a logo to represent my ‘keep listening’ project.

Firstly i created this, in response to the pictures i liked.


I then created this, which i though would work well because it is very pixilated and distorted, reflecting what loud music can do to your ears. I find this interesting in comparison to the first image i made, as one is very clear cut, and the other very corse and pixilated.


I then created this, because i thought it would be a good way of represent the erosive qualities of loud music.


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