keep listeing – new idea

I then showed this work to a tutor. He felt that it would be much better if the background imagery had more purpose than to just be background imagery.

At first i just wanted the background to be nice imagery which could surround the content. However as pointed out by tutour this imagery would be nice at first, however after using the site for a while, the imagery would just distract the user from the usability of the content.

At first i simply wanted to create this website in html/css as i need more css websites for my portfolio. However after this meeting i then realized that my project would be much more interesting and more flexible if i were to create it in flash.

I still like the idea of having a box in the middle in which i can place content, however, the outside illustrations will be used as the buttons to control the content within the box. I feel this will involve the user more with the interface, as well as enable a nice look to the whole site.

I also think that if i create various animations which the user can activate, it will make the site more fun.

An example of this is this site. Although the content isn’t really driven by the little animations, it is still great fun just playing with all the various characters within it.
I also found this site… I think that this site is great in that it takes you on a little journey. It also feels very personal, as you use the designers hand to direct pieces of work. i also love the music, and how you can change it.

However i almost feel that the interface overtakes and the work almost becomes irrelevant. This i think is a great website, however it is alittle to over powering.
I feel that i now have to go and create various illustrations and animations which represent the CONENT of my work. this will then be pieced together to make the site.

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