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Keep Listening – Evaluation

May 22, 2009

For me, this project has been excellent. It has allowed me to use all my skills. I have been able to create drawings and animations, and also been able to get involved with the technical side of things. Both of which is highly valuable for my future career.

Through out the whole of university, I have always had problems balancing the creative and technical side of the course. However with this project I feel I have balanced it well. I started off will the bulk of the technical side, and then once created, I began to give the information an identity.

I wanted to create a world in which the user is encapsulated. I wanted to create a site that is easy to use, fun, and educational. When I first started out with this project, I found that everything was far too factual. I then learnt that sometimes its best to give less information to the user, in the hope that they will A. take it in, and B. not get tired and move on.

Although I was restricted by the amount of animations (due to flash running slow) I feel that the animations have really helped liven up the work. It is much more entertaining, and keeps viewers looking for much longer when there is something moving, which in turn means there are more likely to learn.

By the user interacting with the ear diagram, and hearing test, I feel that it further enforces information on hearing. You can learn a great deal from static text, however when you have to figure something out, it takes you out of your comfort zone. By doing this, it captivates the user more, which in turn means they will learn more.

I have also tried to make it as user friendly as possible. I love working with flash, however there are many problems with it, such as loading times and navigation. I have tried to accomplish this by embedding the flash files into separate html files, therefore loading time is decreased, and it enables the use the forward and back buttons. It also means that you cannot resize the flash file. If someone were to, it the flash fire would start to distort, therefore making the text unreadable.

The only problem I’m finding is the size of the flash file. I did not really build it to suit every computer, as I wanted as big canvas to work with. It is possible to create a smaller version, however the larger screen sizes gives a much greater impact.

Overall I feel that I have learn a lot about website building, how the user interacts with a computer and how to keep the viewer entertained.


keep listening – how loud is loud

May 21, 2009

For this I was originally thinking of making some kind of graph to display the different level of volumes. However I thought that it would be much more interesting if the user had to find the different volumes.

Also by adding animation, it captivates the viewer into spending more time on the page.

Picture 19

keep listening – tinitus fm

May 21, 2009

I wanted to create an interface which was easy to use and reused the radio image from the homage.

For this I went through many stages of design, as I found it hard to create a modern interface on an old radio. Eventually I went for an ipod like connection into the radio.

The main thing about tinnitus fm is that you can choose your own tunes. Once you have selected the tune you can also adjust the volume. However once the volume goes above a certain volume, the sound of tinnitus is heard. This enforces the user to have the volume at a moderate volume.

Picture 34Picture 35Picture 48Picture 50Picture 19

keep listeing – protect your hearing

May 21, 2009

Within this section I wanted to show ways you can protect your ears, but in a fun way. I didn’t want to over crowd the viewer with endless information.

I have added a random script to the music notes and the earplugs to make them more attractive. By adding this randomness it almost hypnotizes you.

Once again, I was going to add more animation, however it started to slow down the computer, so I had to cut some out.

Picture 36

Picture 37Picture 38Picture 19

Keep listeing – damage done

May 21, 2009

I then started creating the damage done section. Within this I wanted to create a war like scenario. I stayed with the platform idea, as I felt this worked. I also stayed with the tv screen idea, as this is a good centre of attention.

Once again I wanted to create a surreal world in which nothing really makes sense, in the hope that the user will explore the webpage for information.

Picture 39Picture 41Picture 43Picture 51

keep listening – hearing test

May 21, 2009

Next to create was the hearing test. I first stared off with this idea.

I liked it how the person from the main page is involved with the test. I feel that by reusing the character, it links the hearing test with the home page, therefore giving the site a greater sense of place.

However visually it looks rank!

Picture 6
I then created this. I liked it how there was a nice control station. I feel this nicely surrounded the person giving the feeling that both the character and the user were part of the test. However I couldn’t figure out how to make the output of the test in the same perspective as the rest of the picture. Therefore there is a very strange perspective. Also it looks very bland.

Picture 8
Lastly I created this. This I found much more visually pleasing, and also fitted in nicely with the design of the whole website.

Picture 47
Also when you fail the test, these earplugs appear, which links you to the ‘how to protect your ears’ section of the site.

Picture 19
I have also added instructions so that the user can understand the project better. Also I added ‘active’ and ‘start’ animations so that the user is more aware of when the test is in progress.

I have also restricted the use of the keys, therefore the user is less likely to screw up the test.

Picture 21

keep listening – ear diagram 2

May 21, 2009

I then liked the idea of the speaker being attached to the ear, almost like an abstract headphone.

This then evolved into having a screen which shows data on the hairs, ear drun and speakers. I then added the hairs, and another level to the inner ear. This is a reflecting how the ear has many levels to the hearing.


keep listening – ear diagram

May 21, 2009

I then moved onto the ear diagram. The previous versions of the ear diagram were very precise and possible too clinical. Therefore for this diagram I wanted it to be quite abstract. I wanted the message to get across, but through a playful means.

I therefore made the ear diagram represent what happens within the ear, however drawing it nothing like an ear.

My first drawing gave me the idea that there were to be a speaker that responded to the sound as well as the eardrum and the hairs within the ear.


keep listening – new home page

May 21, 2009

After the considerations of the tutor I created this.

1000 by 1000

I have very much enjoyed creating the illustrations, and I feel that they work well as illustrations and buttons. By not obviously showing that they are buttons it encourages the user to look around the website.

I then went back to drawing more illustrations, and then came out with a much more polished version.

Picture 15My original idea was very 2D. I Found that when I added this slight perspective, it made everything come alive

I used to have more animations going on, however I found the flash animation slowed down quite a bit, so I  had to take some out.

Professional contexts – evaluation

May 21, 2009

Overall I have greatly benefited from professional contexts. I feel that it has made me think about parts of the course, which I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. I think that by evaluating my own work, I have appreciated what I have done more.

It has also helped me recap on some of the lectures I have been to. Although they seemed very casual when I was in them, I think I will remember them for many years to come.

I also see it as a little time capsule from my time at university. I can see myself looking back at this at a later date. Hopefully it will bring back memories from the things I have learnt, and will benefit me in later life!