Personal website – what to put on

After i collected all the work that i wanted to display, i then started deciding what information i wanted to show on the site. And also the accessibility of it.

Below the content that i wanted to put in. also the category that it lies under.

Home – links to other parts of the website. preview of latest work produced, within this would be a main pic and little pictures which can then expand to size of screen. Short description about me and my work.

contact – phone, email and status of what i am up to and availability.

work – three sections, one being a big picture summing up project. Another being a load of thumb nails which expand to full size. Another section with short description of the brief/ how i went about making this work and what for and possible a link to a blog with further description/ visual sketchbook.

links – people i know, things i like or am associated with.

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