Personal website – insparation

i stared looking around for inspiration.

I really liked this site for its very simple yet affective tabbing system. i really like it how its nice and colorful and simply gives the user a sense of where they are in the website, and where to go!

however i do find that the information above the tabs is a little confusing. It plays with the idea of different depths, which i like however i kinda get the feeling that the main content floats a little too low.

i also liked this design. I feel that its nice and playful. The way that it is designed enables me to add new content very simply. I also like the really like the grey/brown background. i feel that it gives the whiter tables a clean feeling.

I also like the way that the images are placed at the top of cards and then info displayed below. this format feels very natural to read and display.

although really like this design, i feel that it is perhaps a little to sporadic. i think i like the idea of these cards, however i think i will have a more uniform layout.

This next site is similar to the previous in that it has the same kind of card system. however i really like this one because it has a nice brown menu bar cutting though it all. i feel this really helps catch the eye, which in turn helps with the navigation. I also feel that they have used the space above and blow the menu well, unlike the first website. everything feels alot more connected, i think this is down to keeping to one level, rather than having any perspectives.

Altough this next site is fairly cluttered i really like it how the tabs at the top set a layout.

I feel that by creating the boundaries within to place content, it has really helped. The user knows where the content is going to be shown, therefore displaying the content for what it is, without any distractions.

The red rollover buttons really help define that its a button too.

I now have to take this insparation and hopefully use it on my website.

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