personal website – designed!

I then created this.

I feel that it is very geeky, so therefore explains me quite well!

i wanted to keep the colours very flat and retro.

I have added my name in brackets, making look as if my name were part of a code. the brackets can also be used to cycle thought the site.

There is a sleeve on the left to help you understand which part of the website you are in. this chances colour appropriately.

I divided the content into three sections. I felt this left enough space to fill with content, and is also a nice amount of room to divide sections up.

i have put text on the right as i like the idea of the user viewing the images first, then the writing (going on the principle that naturally people read/ look from left to right).

Below is a short description of my most recent project completed. It has little pictures which can be expanded once clicked on. I have left and empty grey patch to give the impression that things are in progress. I also found that when it was filled in with white, it felt too static (especially when there is nothing in it).

This idea of three container runs thought the design.

I have worked hard to make it all rich content, so that search engines can read it. I have also made sure it works well with old versions of all the browsers. I have also made sure there  is no flash, therefore more accessible (however i am thinking of creating a flash based webstie too).

i have also made sure all images are of small size so that loading time is a minimal. So far, although i dont have too much content at the moment my whole website takes up only 650kb! therefore very quick to load!

I have also created a little fav icon, which i feel works quite nicely as its round.

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