Progression – start

For this project we were asked to create something on the lines of ‘Progression’. For me this seemed like one of the last chances to do what ever I want for a project. I wanted this project to be as playful as possible. I did not want to create a website, or a piece of design. I just wanted to explore something I was interested in, and produce something from it.

I knew that if I just followed my instinct, eventually an idea would come from my exploration.

With this clear, and freethinking approach to a project, I started asking myself what I wanted to explore. I had always been interested in circuit boards, and I thought that now would be a good time to explore this area. It has always interested me how this ambiguous object somehow managed to calculate and process so much information.

I then started to research the circuit board. I was interest to find out that, in the olden days, they used to use external wires to transfer the information. They had to use old methods such as point to point, or wire wrapped. So when I look at the intricate pattern of the copper wire within the circuit board, it really makes me appreciate how compact the modern day circuit board is. Also it amazes me how much data is being transferred within such a small space!

Point to Point construcion

Point to Point construcion

wire wrap construction

wire wrap construction

This interest of the circuit board will be the base of my research. I am now going to investigate into the circuit board.

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