Progression – reusing shapes

For this piece of work I wanted to concentrate on the use of shapes and how they can be reused within a piece of work.

Firstly I created this object.

I then added other shapes to this shape. I also used the original shape to fill in other shapes. Therefore the image is repeating, within itself, creating this.


I then added the checks. This inspiration is taken from circuit board patterns.


I then turned this into another processor like shape, however I did not like this.


After realizing I did not like the previous piece of work, I then started looking at the original piece. Once again I saw shapes within the original piece. I then cut out various negative shapes from the original piece.


I then built this object up more, with the original shapes.


Finally I repeat this shape to create the final piece. I have made this piece ambiguously float at the top of a portrait page, so to give the impression of a head. I don’t quite know why I did this, however I liked how it looked like an owl.

I feel that by reusing an image over and over, produces a very interesting out come. If you follow the image from the start to the end, it reveals quite an interesting visual journey. I feel that this journey has been made much easier due to the use of technology, and its ability to copy and paste so easily.


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