Progression – getting insparation

This then lead me onto the visual pattern produced by the circuit board. How these circuits are design to be as efficient as possible, yet at the same time, they produce such beautiful patterns.

I then took a part one of my old computers and collected as many circuit boards as possible. I then started scanning and taking photos of the circuit boards. I see this as my primary research. I am collecting material from which I get inspiration.

Below is an example of my insparation.


I then started looking into the patterns produced. Firstly I started to draw the circuit boards as they were. This I found produced some really bad work! As seen below.


Seeming this did not work I started singling out parts of the circuit board. This I found interesting, because once singled out, it became more of a pattern than a circuit board.


From this I then started seeing shapes. Shapes completely unrelated to the nature of the circuit board. An example of this being the giraffe like shape shown below.


Also I found these circuit points to look like little crowds of people.


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