Keep Listenting – Aftermath

I have been thinking about content to put into the website. So far I have been thinking of way in which to prevent hearing loss. However I was thinking of having sections within the site that are dedicated to people who have already done the damage.

I was thinking that I could have a section that helps people deal with the damage that they have done. An example of this is a noise generator. As scary as it sounds, some people have done so much damage to their ears that they have constant ringing all the time. As a result of this they loose sleep. A noise generator will produce subtle sounds to distract away from the relentless noise of tinnitus.

Below is an example of a noise generator. This can be bought on Amazon!


I have also found other devices to help out with the aftermath of loud music. This device will help with tinnitus. It uses a laser to help with cell regeneration.


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