Keep Listening – Start

Music is one of the most important things to me. It is one of the things that I have always liked. Hobbies have come and gone, however music has always been top on the list. Like most students I like music loud and this is a problem.

After a few heavy clubbing sessions in a row, something went wrong. My hearing was severely damaged. For 3 days I had less than half hearing. Everything seemed muffled and I could barley hear someone talking to me. This made me crap my pants! From then on I have always warn earplugs when going to clubs.

This inspired me to look into ear damage. Who gets it and why. Luckily my sister is a soon to be GP so asked her many questions. She pointed me towards a website she often uses for medical references.

The site my sister showed me =
I am very interested in how the ear worked. The idea that the ear is so sensitive that it can pick up the smallest movements within the air! I found out that the ear drums movement can be as little has the size of a hydrogen atom! God knows what loud club music does to the eardrum!

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