Keep Listening – Hearing test

The next thing that I’ve built is a hearing test. I was looking through web pages for online hearing tests and I found this.

This I found really good because it had a wide spectrum of frequencies, and also volume levels. However I found many floors in this. Firstly, the user clicks the button, so therefore they know when the sound plays. Secondly, when flash plays a sound that does not fade in, it makes this really horrid clicking sound. So even if it plays something quietly, you can still clearly hear a clicking sound. This means that even if you can’t hear the frequency, you can still hear the clicking. This is bad because it misleads the user into thinking that they can hear the sound.

I therefore wanted something that presents a sound to the user without them knowing (within reason). So when they hear the sound they press a button, rather than pressing a button to hear a sound.

At the start of the test, the user has to press a button to activate everything. Once activated a random period of time is selected. Once that period of time is up a sound is played. After the sound has finished another period of time is played. If the user hits the space bar before or after the sound they get one bad point. If they get a good point they move onto the next sound. If they do not hit space at all the cycle is repeated 3 times. Once 3 cycles have been they get a bad point and they then move onto the next sound. After all sounds are played, there is an evaluation of how they did. If they did well they get a ‘well done’, if not, they get ‘bad’ and also links to other parts of the site (so to convince them to use ear protection).

I have not yet designed the interface as i am waiting till i get all content together.


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