Keep Listening – Hairs

I found that one of the best ways of getting a users attention is to get them to interact with the piece of work. I was then thinking of ways the user could interact with an ear diagram. I then thought that it would be good if the user could interact with how the ear works.

This gave me the idea that the ear drum and the hairs within the ear could move as you spoke into a microphone.

This has now set me off to find ways in which I can accomplish this!

I found out a way of linking the microphone with the rotation of a movie clip within flash. This action script could them be applied to multiple ‘hairs’.  As you speak into the hairs move (as seen below).

As you increase the volume of your voice, it increases the movement of the hairs.


This I found effective, however I need to find out a way of showing the damage of the ear hair. At the moment they just flap around. This does give a good sense of how the ear picks up sound, however does not show how the ear is damaged by excessive sound.

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