Keep Listening – Ear diagram 2

I have now changed the movie into an interactive movie. I have enabled the user to choose when to go to the next stage of the film. This means that people can take everything in their own time. I have also introduced more animation, this I found increased the attention of the user.


I have added zooming to the movie. This helps define which part of the ear is being talked about.


Within this next piece I show how the hairs move within the inner ear. It also shows microscopic pictures of hair within your ear.


This short film I found to be successful, however I found it was very clinical. It is information, and it does show how your ear works, however it isn’t very fun. To the average person they may see this as some biology class. When this came to my realization I wanted to die! It took me so long to create!

However I do also realize that if I want to inform people of information, it has to be infotainment! This has now started another epic mission, a mission to entertain someone as well as inform them.

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