Corsham Court – Design

I now had to consider the design of the website. I wanted the website to be arty and painterly. I wanted to represent the tradition on the bath academy of art.

I looked at artist that had been working at the bath academy. I wanted the website to have the flavor of academy.

Below is an example of Peter Layon’s work.


This inspired me to create work with a textural feel, such as this.

However i soon found out that this was not such a good idea. by creating this harsh border it would completely distract the viewer from the content. Also to navigate through something like that would be a nightmare.

I then came up with this idea.

I then discussed with the other people in the team what i should be doing. I then came up with this idea.


It was meant to represent the traditional aspect. The content within (such as photos) would then show the contemporary side of corsham.

I used inner glows to soften the page, to give an aging affect. I displayed various information as if they were within a picture. This gave the impression that the user was looking through a picture book, looking back in time. I also put the main tabs on the left. When a main section is selected it expands to be bigger than the rest, also a line appears on the big tab.

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