Prevoke change – start of 3rd year, first project, what to do!?

When i started the third year, i was quite dawnted seeming it was my last year. I was really worried that a lot was expected of me, and because of that i was really worried that i would have NO idea what to do for a first project.

Although i like to work with websites, i thought i would start off the 3rd year with an image making project. I felt the need to create something illistration, or photography based.

I love design, however with image making i find that i can just cruze my way though it, without to much thought. I find that it is a pure creative outlet. I knew that if i started the term this way, i would be able to just start working, and stop worrying.

My first question is “what do i want to do, what interest me, what do i want to prevoke?”. If i had to lecture about anything, it would almost always be somthing based around nature, and the envrionmental issues we have.

So now i have a rough idea of what i want to do! I want to look into environmental issues!

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