Prevoke Change – Seasons and time

I then started thinking about global warming and how it is changing our environment. It almost feels as if the climate is confused. How the seasons are changing, which in turn alters nature. An example of this is that the whether is gets hotter in curtain parts of the world, which encourages wildlife  to migrate. However once the animals have migrated, they are dissapointed to find that thier traditional feeding growns have not devoloped yet. This in turn causes a great amount of problems, altimately leading to death.

I wanted to get some kind of message accros about  the state of the seasons, and how they are changing.

Firstly i developed this

leaf circles

I then added some numbers, to make it look more like a clock. However i found that once i did this i instantly didnt like it. I found that anything with twelve points instantly looked like a clock, so no numbers were needed.


However i soon found this very crude, and created a more colour full version.

clock 2 togethersmall

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