Prevoke Change – Final IDEA!!

I then found something that worked well. I really like the idea of questioning the viewer, however does not invade the view too much. I did not want to overcrowd the viewer with loads of facts that will board them to death, i wanted something very simple. Something that woud be visually appealing. I wanted something to catch someones eye, and once caught i want them to question what the piece is about.

Firstly i came i up with this.


I found that when creating this pice of work i was restriced by the viens of the leaves. If they did not line up, they looked wrong. However i found that this restriction, in the end, helped with the creative process.

The idea of this peice was to show that its march in autum. It is asking the quesiton “autum be in spring?”.

I then spent ages, and created the uk in autum.


I then combined to two pictures together to make the ultimate, global warming awareness poster.


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